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10-Day Cursive Refresh (Mini-Curriculum)

10-Day Cursive Refresh (Mini-Curriculum)

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Do your young students need a quick refresher on cursive reading and writing?

If your learner has spent any time away from practicing their handwriting, it can be tough getting back in the swing of things.

That's exactly why we created the 10-Day Cursive Refresh.

With only two weeks and 10-20 minutes per day, your students will be fully back to writing in cursive. 

Our Refresh makes a great summer bridge or Back-to-School activity. It's also great anytime a 2-week mini-curriculum makes sense during the school year!

It's time to call back those cursive writing skills — for all students who already know how to write in cursive!

The Cursive Refresh includes:

  • Cursive reading comprehension exercises
  • Summer and School-themed words for practice
  • Summer and School-themed pangram sentences (sentences using all 26 letters)
  • Writing prompts where students will write completely on their own!
  • Full lesson plans and day-by-day instructions — a perfect no-prep subject!

ALL of this in a well-designed, digital, 32-page curriculum. 

Ready to refresh your students in the art of cursive writing?! Check out and the workbook will be delivered to your inbox within a few minutes!


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